The ease of this method is both its advantages and disadvantages. Seeing how easy it is to quit, you sometimes may have a bad idea to “treat yourself” to smoking, to “remember” the departed joys, and if you succumb to this, then there is a great likelihood of gradually returning the old bad habit

It was like that with me. After about 3 months without cigarettes, a company celebrated a birthday and after a feast they came out to smoke/talk. Everyone smoked, and I also lit a cigarette, so that one or two puffs “remind” me what it was like before. I was really good with those two puffs, but the next day I got an idea “to smoke quite a bit.” So, from “one cigarette, which won’t return me to previous volumes of smoking,” it turned into 2-3-4 cigarettes a day after 1-2-3 weeks… and gradually into the previous volumes of smoking.

A minus turns into a plus: having a negative experience of how easy it is to lose freedom from smoking, the desire to repeat it did not arise anymore and it was a tough reminder of “not to “fool around.” Another time of quitting smoking was faster for me, but it also took some time, money, etc.

There is an opinion that you really quit smoking when you stop remembering what date, month and year you started your life without smoking. My former experience as a smoker is 24 years (without a break, 5-10-15 cigarettes every day at different times). I quit smoking over 10 years ago!